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How to sell on LinkedIn?

Do you know how to properly use your LinkedIn account? Let’s talk about social selling on LinkedIn.

What is social selling?

It’s a long-term strategy which outcome is noticeable for months if not for years. It allows you to grow and build both connections and trust with your target group across all your social media. By using social selling your main purpose is to create a positive appearance for yourself but also for your brand. You need to focus on providing your audience with valuable content based on its problems and needs. Only by then, you can start implementing your own sales objectives.

What conclusions can you draw from our blogpost?

First of all, we will teach you how to create a professional profile and how to build a proper target group. Apart from all the theories you might need, we will also provide you with a lot of examples and best practices that we personally use in our day-to-day work.

Secondly, we will discuss two different selling techniques using LinkedIn. It’s up to you which one you choose. We use both to generate leads, and so can you. 

Last but not least, we will show you how to use PPC campaigns on LinkedIn in order to generate leads. You might have heard that they are ineffective… Even so, we decided to give it a try and now we have our own conclusions which we want to share with you.

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Let’s start with some statistics

We don’t want to make empty promises, that’s why we would like to start with some numbers.

What you need to remember is that tracking and analyzing your activities is essential for your process optimization. If you don’t measure your results, you won’t know which methods provide you with the best outcome. Selling on LinkedIn is a complex procedure that can be affected by many factors. The process starts when you create your account and start building your own space on this platform, ending with sending messages which should convert leads into your new customers.

Within the last few years, we managed to build our audience consisting of almost 9000 people from all over the world. This is a powerful network of contacts. If each person from our audience had at least 100 entrepreneurs in their own network, with their recommendation we could reach around 900 000 new customers from different industries. Do you know any other social platform that can guarantee you this amount of potential clients within such a limited time?

Conversations from cold mailing

Our knowledge is based on our experience. So far, we managed to convert:

    • 45% of all sent messages,
    • 20% of conversations from received responses

It means that one in two people respond to our messages. It also proves the untapped potential of this LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is primarily a tool for conducting sales processes and creating a B2B contact network. Then, of course, it helps to build an online CV and find new job opportunities. In the last couple of months, we have created and updated dozens of profiles that had one specific purpose: LEAD GENERATION.

While creating your profile, make sure you pay enough attention to the below elements:

    • Profile picture
    • Background picture
    • Contact information
    • Headline
    • Personal statement
    • Experience
    • Skills
    • Recommendations

Why being active on LinkedIn is so important

Once your account is properly set up, you’re halfway to your success in building your connections and professional network. Now, it’s time to talk about your activity on LinkedIn.

If you want to be perceived as an expert in a given field, what you share is crucial because your credibility depends on it. Building trust is difficult, especially online, that’s why you need to think carefully about your content. You can either share your knowledge related to your profession or other parts that may interest your potential customers. It’s best to start by observing your target audience. Thanks to this, you will find out what these people are interested in and learn how they communicate with each other. Therefore, your next step is to understand who is the potential recipient of your message.

These are some of the types of content that are worth sharing on LinkedIn:

    • Articles, videos, and infographics that will interest your potential customers but remember not to just paste the link to the article – it won’t be enough. Try to provoke your network to interact, for example by comment. You can do this by asking a question in the description of the article or by disagreeing with the author and substantiating your opinion.
    • You can also share your content in three different ways:

➢ Creating a post

➢ Writing your article

➢ Using LinkedIn Newsletter

Also, make sure that you regularly recommend other publications. Finding active users in your industry will help you to boost your engagement. Therefore, try to spend at least 30 minutes a day on research. Follow such users, comment, and recommend their posts. Just remember that your involvement should be content-related.

Over time, with regularity, LinkedIn’s algorithms will start working in your favor and you will attract a part of the community you are interested in to your profile – and that is a great success.

Communication and networking

Now that you have built a professional profile, you’re active and recognized among other users, it’s time to start building your network.

Just like in any other social media platform, start building your network with people you know personally. Reach out to your college and school friends. Who knows, maybe one of them will become your first client. Nevertheless, don’t forget about the people you work with but also about your business partners. Of course, chances are low that your coworker will become your next client but at this stage, what you should care about is creating a solid “reach foundation”.

Once you have this base, the LinkedIn algorithm will start suggesting your potential contacts. However, from experience, we know that inviting all the proposals prepared by LinkedIn at once won’t give you any results. And the reason for that is simple: you are not able to build a relationship with each of these people. There will be too many invitations and people won’t see the value in their relationship with you.

That’s why you want to start by sending an invitation with a short welcome message that is personalized for each person. You need to give your recipient your reason why you decided to contact them and that you would be very pleased if they accepted the invitation. And the good news is that 90% of such requests are accepted.

Selling on LinkedIn – how to do it?

It’s time we teach you how to sell on LinkedIn.

One of our favorite methods is organic sales. It’s the most demanding one because it requires a lot of effort and engagement from your side. However, when consistently used, it brings excellent results, and it allows you to build long-term relationships. And as you already know, a relationship with a client is the key to your success.

When you decide to Focus on organic sales you need to keep in mind that you have a lot of work ahead of you, at least a couple of months of regular effort, before you see any results. Over time, you will notice that you receive more and more invitations and that your publications gain progressively more attention.

Another strategy that we personally use is outbound sales. It’s easier and faster than organic sales but it also has a smaller conversion. It’s your role to take the initiative and to invite potential customers to your network. Before that, of course, you check who may be interested in your product.

Thanks to this method you will quickly find your potential customers and establish contact with them. The problem is it takes time to achieve some of your business goals. Finding people quickly is easy but building trust and implementing sales in such relationships require more patience and intuition. If you have these qualities or are willing to develop them, then of course your selling results will appear.

Finally, to generate leads you can also use PPC ads (Pay per Click), especially InMail.

We know the rumors that LinkedIn ads are expensive. Truth be told, nominal costs, such as clicks or CPM (Cost per Mille – the cost of displaying an ad 1000 times), are certainly more expensive than in the most popular networks (Google Ads or Meta Ads).

Nonetheless, LinkedIn has two strengths:

➢ First, super-precise targeting by professional features. Thanks to this, you don’t “burn” your budget to reach people who are not matching your purchasing persona.

➢ Second, formats that cannot be found in other channels. We especially recommend you get familiar with the InMail/ Sponsored Messages formats.

Both of them guarantee a large dose of personalization. What’s more, you have to use them from your private profile and not a company profile. Why is that an advantage? Because we all know it is much easier to buy from people than from brands.

What is the cost of such ads? One message sent on the polish market cost usually between 0,1$ to 0,2$. In other words, for 10-20$ you send around 100 highly targeted and personalized messages that will 100% reach your recipient (but also will be notified by e-mail).                

Now that you know your options, choose which one appeals more to you.

Who can you find on LinkedIn?

Have you ever wondered how many people use LinkedIn?

Currently, there are over 850 million users! Unfortunately, few of them are active. An active user is a person who published a post, recommended, or commented on someone’s publication in the last month.

How to search on LinkedIn?

The statistics of this portal are staggering. Every second, there are two new people registered on LinkedIn. No need to say that your potential customers may be among them. There is no other place on the internet that offers such enormous opportunities for business development.

One of the downsides of the free version of the account is that it has limited options to reach new people. All because of the small number of filters that can be applied.

Here are some examples of methods that you can use to build your community.

Use of your social network and competitors’ networks

The first question you need to ask yourself is: who may know the people you want to reach? Try to get to know these people based on the recommendations. The quality of your LinkedIn network is extremely important. You need to make sure that the person you ask for a recommendation will not ignore your request. The same applies to your competitors. As long as they have not blocked access to their social network you can easily check if you can find any potential customers among their users.

Just remember about a few elements:            

    • block access to your social network
    • switch your profile display to private mode
    • disable the „people who view this profile have also viewed” option

Search using a search engine                                          

Search with LinkedIn groups   

Organic Sales

Today we’ll focus on organic sales. What should you know about this strategy? Read our post and let us know in the comment if it was helpful.

Of course, the most used strategy to generate leads is organic sales. We have listed for you all the steps you should take into consideration while starting to use this method.

    • Step 1: Define who is your potential customer.
    • Step 2: ​Search for those people who match your created persona.
    • Step 3: ​Send a personalized invitation.
    • Step 4: ​Pay attention to your customer’s activity on social media.
    • Step 5: Start posting content that will give your customer a specific value.
    • Step 6: ​Express your opinion and don’t be afraid to do it.                          

Okay, but how to use this strategy in practice? On one side, you need to reach your potential clients directly. Send them messages, share valuable articles and invite them to your websites and groups where you will share with them all your knowledge. On the other side, keep posting your articles on LinkedIn and focus on growing your posts’ engagement.

One thing to remember: the above activities cannot be random. Only by consistency and planning your steps you will see the results. Make sure you spend at least one hour daily on LinkedIn on research and also interact with other users.

Building engagement with LinkedIn posts

You probably must have asked yourself this question before: how do I post on LinkedIn to get more views and bigger engagement?

To reach this goal and have the expected results, make sure you follow the below 8 tips for posting on LinkedIn.

    1. Break down your post into short paragraphs.
    2. Start with an engaging headline.
    3. Use „hidden text”.                      
    4. Tag the right people and start a conversation.
    5. Record films, presentations, and educational materials.
    6. Offer something in return for comment.
    7. Share something about your personal life and experiences.
    8. Increase your initial commitment.

Remember that great results come with patience and time. Consistency is the key. 🙂

Outbound Sales

Big and fast, those words describe best the result you can obtain by using an outbound sales strategy. This method will allow you to quickly reach a large number of people with your offer.

Outbound sales have a lot in common with cold mailing. However, with all the similarities, there are also some significant differences between them. That’s why it is worth thinking about implementing both communication strategies at the same time.

Before you start sending messages, your profile must be properly created. Over time, you will find that contact with many people at once can be a bit chaotic. To avoid this, think about combining your activities with a professional tool. 

What should I start with?

Your first step should be: inviting a person to your network of contacts. But remember that most people may not accept your invitation without seeing any value in it. If you’re sending an „empty” invitation, or worse, you’re trying to sell from the very beginning, then most people will certainly ignore your invitation.

The key is to use the welcome messages we wrote about in previous posts.

A well-structured welcome message may result in over 50% of accepted invitations with completely “cold” contacts.

The action funnel is very simple. First, you visit the profile of your potential client, after a few days you send an invitation, and after accepting it, a welcome message.

Remember that your message is supposed to start a conversation with your recipient. Exchange your opinions, share your thoughts, and build that relationship first. Don’t try to sell your products right away because it makes a terrible first impression. Show your recipient that you want to bring value to their actions. Thanks to this, your chances of a successful business will increase.

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