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Use case for the Human Resources industry

Look how Growsales acquires clients for Human Resources companies


Our goal

Our task was to precisely reach people responsible for the HR department in large companies and corporations.

The process consisted of several elements:

preparing a personalized prospect list using such tools as LinkedIn Sales Navigator 
communication with prospects via e-mail and LinkedIn 

Sales Qualified Leads
High-Quality Qualified Leads
Sent Messages

What we used to achieve our goal:

Ideal buyer personas

Communication strategy for the lead generation process

Direct B2B contacts

Tools supporting lead generation operations

Leads acquired through LinkedIn and cold mailing

Analytics and cost optimization

Campaign results​

Reaching 900+ prospects in 3 months, the average meeting cost at 70 euros, minimum 10 meetings per month

35+ sales meetings arranged, 30% close rate at, additional    50+ leads 

The benefits

+ Direct reach to your Ideal Buyer Personas.

+ Predictable and scalable sales. Regular influx of new customers.

+ Extending the social network on LinkedIn.

+ Creating brand awareness with the use of LinkedIn content.

+ Increasing revenues and diversifying risk.

Thinking of such project in your company?

During the consultation we would ask you about the situation in your company and verify if we would be able to achieve the goals.